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Monday, May 11, 2009


Alhamdullillah I finally completed my 6 years of studies in both Teacher Training College and UUM.. It took a long time to be a teacher.. I felt very tired along the way but now, I felt extremely happy because I will enter the next stage of life.. I counted every day and night to go out from this student's world and I couldn't wait to work out there in the real world.. It was tiring, you know, when you had to deal with the same routines as a student.. You had to do lots of written assignments, reports and journals which I didn't actually like it.. For me, it was just a crap because there's nothing to do with my practical teaching in school.. It was just a matter of thought and I had to deal with some unimportant discussions that can't be implemented at all during my practical teaching..

Owh, I forgot to introduce you to my 6-year course.. I was offered TESL course right after SPM and I had to undergo 6 years of studies, a twinning program between Teacher Training College and local university in Malaysia.. It requires me to study in the Teacher Training College for 4 years and 2 years in UUM (one of Malaysia local universities).. I gained a lot through this program and I couldn't deny that I was having so much fun in IPGM Kampus P.Pinang and UUM.. However, I just can't stand with the assignments, lectures and also the EXAMs... It made me feel so sick..hehehe.. But that's a student should do, right? {sigh} ... Hehehe.. Whatever it was, I declared May, 10 as my independence day.. Hahaha.. Everyone had their own special day so do I..

See ya..


MaNn said...

congrats sbb da abes blaja.=)
erm,best gak la da abes blaja ni sbnrnye.bole keje dpt duit..tp keje ni lg tensen sbnrnye..huhu.tp xtau la kan.rezki msing2..tp bagi saye la, alam keje ni,it aint that dandy..

ika nikan said...

hehehe..ya rite..tp bg org, blaja ni penat sb kne perah otak..rs cm biol2 je sket..klu kje ni penat dr segi fizikal je kot sb dh xpyh jwb exam paper and wat asgmnt..yay!

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