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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting started..

I've been waiting so long to take risk in making a business.. I want to make my dream comes true as a businesswoman.. Maybe I'll start it small first and later on, InsyaAllah, it'll be more than what I think..

I took a month to survey the very best suppliers ever and Alhamdullilah, I got several.. When I see many housewives succeeded in this field, they inspired me to move on and now, I'm beginning to look forward supplying the most selected products to be shared with others..

I want it to be the best moment for others as well, thus, I carefully, seriously and painstakingly choose every items in order to control the quality of the products.. All products come directly from the factory which mainly producing every item from the west side of the world..

I feel good to share my interest with others and I'll try to serve the best for my customers.. And I'm looking forward to design my products under my own brand.. InsyaAllah.. Hopefully my wish comes true with all supports from my surrounding especially YOU..